Announcement (9/13/21)

iDealGolfer and Golf Moose are pleased to announce we have merged to better serve our customers.
This exciting partnership will provide more golf offerings and improved technology. The change will be effective on 9/13/21. Going forward, all offers will be posted for purchase on
Golf Moose works just like iDealGolfer. Offers will continue to be announced by email and be available for purchase for a limited time.
We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come. If you have any questions, see below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How should I access/use vouchers purchased on iDealGolfer? 
Continue to use your iDealGolfer vouchers as usual. The iDealGolfer website will remain active for account login. Log in as usual to access your account and orders. Golf courses will continue to accept iDealgolfer vouchers sold using the iDealGolfer system. 
Why is the new company called Golf Moose?
Just like iDealGolfer, Golf Moose has been around a while. You may not be familiar since they mainly ran specials in other states compared to iDealGolfer (including some colder regions of the northern hemisphere). Don’t worry, the Moose is now loose and the deals will keep coming no matter the company name!
Do I need to create a new account on Golf Moose? 
If you would like to make a purchase on Golf Moose, please create a new account while checking out. Please note your information from iDealGolfer is not being transferred to Golf Moose. 
How does Golf Moose work? 
Golf Moose works just like iDealGolfer. Offers are available for purchase for a limited time. Upon purchase, you will receive a voucher to play. Simply call the course as usual to book your tee time and present the voucher at check-in. 
Will I continue to receive email notifications? 
Yes, iDealGolfer will continue to send email notifications for new Golf Moose offers in your area. When you sign up for Golf Moose, you will start receiving emails from Golf Moose instead. 
What if I have a Gift Card or credit with iDealGolfer? 
If you have an iDealGolfer credit or gift card we will help you transfer this credit to Golf Moose. Please contact Golf Moose for this request. 
Is iDealGolfer still in business?
Yes! iDealGolfer and Golf Moose have simply merged to better serve our customers. 
Who should I contact for customer service? 
For questions regarding offers or purchases made before 9/13/21, contact iDealGolfer
For questions regarding offers or purchases made after 9/13/21, contact Golf Moose | (877) 825-6676 | Mon –  Fri 11 am – 6 pm CST